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Conversation Dice

Conversation Dice

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You're tired of the same old classroom activities and so are your students. Or maybe you're an online teacher who needs new free talk, interactive or extension ideas. 

The solution? Our Conversation Dice! Just roll one or more and have the student make up a story about the picture(s) that turn up. Or do it together!

These dice break through the monotony of conventional teaching, unlocking a universe where language mastery, storytelling artistry, and communication skills thrive in an energetic and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Material: High-quality acrylic plastic
  • Type: Educational storytelling dice for children
  • Color: White with black ink engravings
  • Size: 20mm (each die)
  • Design: 6 sides featuring unique, funny engraved patterns to inspire storytelling
  • Package Contents: Set includes 9 pieces of dice

More than just enhancing individual talents, these dice foster a spirit of teamwork, active listening, and empathy. They encourage a cooperative environment where students are inspired to merge their ideas, embrace varied viewpoints, and together, create narratives of greater depth and diversity.

Due to popular demand, the Conversation Dice set takes 20-30 days to arrive.

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