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English Vocabulary Learning Flashcards

English Vocabulary Learning Flashcards

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You're tired of buying a bunch of different bulky props to help your students learn vocabulary.

The solution? Our English Vocabulary Learning Flashcards! Just show the student the card(s) applicable to the daily lesson and save space in your classroom or home office.

These flashcards address the need for accessible, effective, and engaging teaching aids that support foundational literacy skills and cognitive development in elementary-age children. All without taking up a lot of space!

+ There's a keyring for organization so you don't lose any of them.
+ Over 20 different vocabulary sets are available
+ Card Case: 8cm x 10cm x 2.5 cm
+ Cards: 8cm x 10 cm

  • Facilitating Early Reading: Offering a structured and engaging way to introduce young children to reading, helping them recognize words, and start building their vocabulary.
  • Enhancing Cognitive Skills: Designed to stimulate cognitive development, these cards encourage analysis and comprehension skills, essential for early learning success.
  • Supporting Montessori Methods: Aligning with Montessori teaching principles, these cards promote self-directed, hands-on learning, allowing children to explore language at their own pace in an educational setting.
  • Versatility in Teaching: Useful not just for individual learning, but also for group activities, making them suitable for classroom settings, homeschooling, or parent-child educational sessions.

Due to popular demand, our English Vocabulary Learning Flashcards take 20-30 days to arrive.

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