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Storytelling Finger Puppets

Storytelling Finger Puppets

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You love your students but you're tired of trying to engage with your students while they stare off into space or play on their phones during classes. 

The solution? Our Storytelling Finger Puppets! Just slip one (or more) on your fingers and teach concepts, tell stories, and sing songs by having puppets act out the material!

Crafted from soft flannel, these finger puppets come in two sizes: Animal puppets measure approximately 2.56-2.76 inches in length and 2.17-2.36 inches in width, while Family puppets are about 3.15 x 1.18 inches, with a possible variation of ±0.39-0.79 inches.

  • Visually Engaging: Makes lessons visually appealing to capture and retain student attention.

  • Promotes Learning Through Play: Utilizes play to teach concepts, stories, and songs in an enjoyable manner.

  • Encourages Classroom Participation: Interactive nature motivates participation from all students, including shy or reluctant ones.

  • Stimulates Imagination and Creativity: Brings stories to life, fostering creative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Enhances Communication Skills: Helps develop language skills, vocabulary, sentence structure, and storytelling abilities.

  • Supports Emotional and Social Development: Useful for exploring emotions, social situations, and moral lessons.

  • Versatile Teaching Tool: Suitable for use in various teaching settings, including online classes and one-on-one tutoring.

Due to popular demand, the Storytelling Finger Puppets take 20-30 days to arrive.

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